Explore an exceptional collection of tableware crafted with meticulous precision by our talented Korean artisan designers. Made from high quality materials, they combine strength and lightness, ensuring their durability. Transform every meal into an unforgettable experience thanks to our designer tableware products, which perfectly harmonize functionality, beauty and culinary creativity.

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Carafes and pitchers play a fundamental role in the elegant presentation of your drinks. Their modern design seamlessly combines practicality and aesthetics, offering a diverse range of options to meet your requirements and reflect your lifestyle.

Different styles
DUTANG carafes are characterized by their clean lines and graceful appearance. Often crafted from quality materials such as ceramic and porcelain, these carafes offer a crystal-clear transparency or smooth finish that highlights the color nuances and textures of your drinks. Their design places a strong emphasis on ease of use and functionality. Contemporary carafes and pitchers also offer a diverse color palette, from classic and timeless hues to bold and vibrant shades.
Besides their functionality, contemporary carafes are also aesthetic pieces that add a touch of style to your table. They can come in a range of shapes and sizes, from geometric minimalism to organic design. DUTANG decanters feature delicate designs or sculptural details, adding an artistic dimension to your beverage service.

Different uses
In addition to their aesthetic design, contemporary decanters are also appreciated for their versatility. They can be used to serve a wide range of drinks, whether water, juice, wine, cocktails or even soft drinks. Their generous capacity allows them to serve several guests at once, making them an ideal choice for entertaining or family dinners.

At DUTANG, the handcrafted carafes from South Korea combine functionality and aesthetics to offer an elegant and practical service experience. Their careful design, quality materials and refined details make them essential pieces of your tableware