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What is the ancestral secret of manufacturing Korean lacquered wooden chopsticks?

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What is Ottchil ( 옷칠 )?

Ottchil is obtained from the secretions of the Korean “Ott” tree.

Collecting this precious resin, refining it and applying it to wands requires a complex and delicate process that requires decades of experience to master.

Each pair of chopsticks is created with remarkable attention to detail and expertise, demonstrating the artisans' commitment to preserving traditional techniques.

Manufacturing time?

The time spent making these wands is impressive. From carving the birch wood to applying six coats of Ottchill, it takes an average of 21 days to complete each pair of chopsticks.

This long production period reflects the constant search for quality and durability of these unique handicrafts. When Ottchil is applied, it creates an extremely durable finish on the wood, preserving the beauty and integrity of the chopsticks for many years of use.

Even when exposed to water, lacquered wood will not rot, fade or deteriorate.

In addition, Ottchil lacquer offers an additional benefit: it creates a 99.9% natural antibacterial surface. This antimicrobial property makes Ottchil chopsticks the ideal choice for meals, ensuring a hygienic and safe dining experience.

Ottchil has long been recognized as the most suitable material for tableware in Korea, providing both functionality and aesthetics.


These chopsticks are proudly labeled K-Ribbon, a label awarded by the Korean Ministry of Culture to recognize excellence in craftsmanship that showcases Korea's cultural and historical traditions. This label is a mark of recognition of the quality and authenticity of these chopsticks, testifying to the commitment of artisans to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of their country.

Who are the artisans who make them?

Chilmong was established in 2015 as a cultural enterprise. The company is made up of 25 people including a lacquer master who carries out the final application of the lacquer.

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